Thursday, 6 November 2008

The second story

Katie was sitting at the computer messaging to several people and so didn’t hear the door open. She jumped violently when her husband greeted her. His face darkened at her reaction and he strode over to the computer. Katie tried to close everything but he was too fast. “How long have you been on here” he asked as he quickly closed the boxes. “Not long” stammered Katie. “Let’s see shall we”. To Katie’s horror, he made a few clicks and a timer came up on the screen “oh dear, four hours” he said in mock pity. “It wasn’t that long” protested Katie “really, I have done other stuff”. Georges eyes cast round the room “like what?, get up off your arse and get into the living room, when I am done with you , there will be no sitting for a long , long time, now move” Katie’s stomach churned, but she got up and went into the living room.

She stood head bowed in front of the TV, hoping that he would go easy on her if she showed she was sorry. George settled himself onto the settee and observed his wife thoughtfully “what are 60 times 4” he asked. Katie looked at him, not catching on to his train of thought “what, I don’t get you” she replied. “what is four times 60 minutes” There was a pause , then Katie cottoned on, “ no, no way, you can’t , I mean no, that’s not fair” George looked at her sternly “ it is what we agreed, you earned your sixty minutes and we agreed that you would have to pay for any time you went over, you have only your self to blame” Katie looked sulky “you agreed, I didn’t “ she muttered “oh yes you did, now come here and bend over, you are going to get 240 spanks on your bare bottom for being disobedient” Katie didn’t move “no way, I can’t, its not fair” she argued her heart thudding. “I will count to five, if I have to get up to put you over, then I will pick up a brush on the way. NOW GET OVER MY KNEE”

George didn’t shout but his words made Katie jump and she edged a little closer to him. “one, two, three, four, five, right that’s it” As he started to get up Katie realised that this spanking was going to be bad enough without a brush “ok, ok I’ll bend over” “” oh yes, I know you will” George positioned his wife over his knee. He gave her a cushion “you will probably need this, we wouldn’t want to scare the neighbours” “bastard, you can’t do this” George smiled “ that is bastard sir, and yes I can and yes I will, just as soon as you ask me that is” Katie clenched her lips tight as she felt him pulling down her pants. “I am not asking so go to hell” “tut, tut, I think you will ask” Katie suddenly felt a rein of spanks on her bare bottom and she wriggled and squirmed. “We don’t start counting babe until you have asked me nicely to spank your naughty disobedient bottom”

Katie was panting and her bottom was stinging. The thought of 240 made her cringe but in her heart she knew she was here until her husband had finished. She took a deep breath and muttered into the pillow “please will you spank my naughty disobedient bottoms”. George rewarded her with another flurry of spanks “what did you forget?” “Oh god, please sir, please will you spank me” “very well, as you asked so nicely, give me your hand” Katie reluctantly did as she was told. She always felt so much more helpless but she did like to feel his hand on hers, giving her encouraging squeezes when it got too much. She clenched her buttocks instinctively when he stroked her bottom “now is not the time to annoy me, young lady so you can stop that right now” George waited for the cheeks to relax before starting the spanking. Previously he had started gently but this time it was hard and fast. Katie was bucking around so much that he had to pin her legs with his. Katie buried her head in the cushion and tried to count as her bottom got hotter and hotter. “How many is that” George massaged his wife’s bottom as she tried to think, he enjoyed the heat and the wriggles that his touch produced. “Sixty, I think” whispered Katie, not really having any idea. Four very hard smacks made her shriek into the pillow “sixty what” growled George “sir, sixty sir” “that is twice I have had to remind you. I warned you last time you were over my knee that your constant disrespect would earn you some stripes with the cane, is that what you want?” Katie shook her head then yelped like she had been shot at the crack that sounded as his hand spanked low on her cheeks. “no sir, oh god please no more, it hurts” “ news flash Katie, love, it is supposed to hurt, now that was sixty so lets move on” Katie gripped his hand tightly as she braced herself. This time she was completely unable to stay quiet, cushion or not as he spanked right down low on her cheeks and up and down her thighs. She was wriggling like mad to get away but this only seemed to produce more effort from her husband. After the second sixty, George stopped again to massage the sore red bottom over his lap. “ you may go and stand in the corner, I need a break” Very gingerly, Katie stood up, in the past she had argued about corner time but her behind was throbbing and she would have done anything for a pause in the spanking. She went to the corner and stood there, wondering what he wanted. “skirt off, pants off, hands on head, face into the corner and bottom out” The words were like pistol shots but Katie managed to obey, remembering how hard she had been spanked on a previous occasion for showing attitude in the corner.

Katie leaned her head on the wall, trying to calm down and ease her breathing. Her bottom and thighs were throbbing and she desperately wanted to rub her bottom. She listened to her husband poring a glass of water and she could feel his eyes observing her as she stood passively waiting for him to complete the punishment. All to soon she heard him say “ come over here” Slowly she turned round and went over to him. Last time she had been spanked he had played with her nipples and touched her clit which had made the experience pleasant and sexual. This time he didn’t even look at her freshly shaven pussy. He just pointed to his knee. Katie stood still, not daring to bend over. How could she possibly take any more? “Five, four, three, two, one “As he said one George took Katie’s arm and pulled her roughly across his knee. Katie found herself pinned down as before. “What would you like to say to me kitten” he says as he again gently strokes the red bottom on display over his lap. “ I don’t know” Katie replies with a flash of attitude “ you haven’t told me yet” To her surprise she wasn’t rewarded with a volley of spanks , just a quietly spoken “four” There was a pause before Katie said resignedly “please sir will you finish off spanking me” “of course, I will. Do you think you deserve it” Katie nodded into the pillow. “Five” was the same quiet reply from her husband before he started the spanking again. This set of sixty were delivered at speed with Katie never knowing where the next one would land. She was squealing and shouting but George ignored it all as he continues to tan his naughty wife’s bottom. Katie was hoarse when he stopped and clenched her buttocks tight as he massaged them firmly. “ you are doing well, Katie, don’t make me mad now by clenching those naughty cheeks” The slight praise made Katie feel good and she relaxed not only her buttocks but her whole body as she lay there pinned down over his knees. George noticed the reaction and smiled to himself. Without warning he cracked his hand against the low part of her bottom. Her legs kicked against his as she yelped” no , please not there” “six” was the spoken reply as his hand spanked slowly this time, but hard and all over the bottom. Eventually he said”ok you have ten left and these are going to be hard” If she had been able to Katie would have laughed but she kept her face buried as she fought against the tears of pain that were welling up inside her. The last ten seemed to Katie to be worse than the whole lot put together and she was nearly crying when she felt him rub her bottom for the last time. “stand up” Katie stood in front of her husband, head down, wriggling around and trying to ease the pain in her bottom. “What have you learnt Katie” “to obey your orders sir” she whispered. “Good girl, now I want you to go to bed and you will stay there until I say otherwise. You are not to look at your bottom or touch it and you are not to play with yourself, is that clear” Katie nodded “pardon” snapped George “er yes sir” gulped Katie hastily “ get moving and remember the number seven”

Katie lay on her stomach on the bed with her bottom uncovered feeling the heat and the throbbing which showed no sign of going. She knew she had angered her husband and she shuddered to think of what he would do if he knew what else she had been doing. A sudden thought made her gasp with fear, she hadn’t logged off the computer, and he would be able to access all her emails. Without thinking she scrambled off the bed and ran to the top of the stairs. Unluckily for her, George was in the hall “GET BACK TO BED” he rapped as he saw her. Katie stood still, trying to weigh up her options. One step towards the staircase from George saw Katie run back to bed and lay there with heart beating. It seemed like a lifetime to Katie before she heard her husband’s firm step on the stairs. As soon as he entered the room, she knew that he knew what she had been doing the look he gave was more of sorrow than anger. “Katie is it true that you slept with another man last week while I was away” Katie buried her face in the pillow and nodded. “Eight and is it true that you were seeing Steve before that” Again Katie nodded. “nine and so I have to ask do you want a divorce” Katie looked up at George in shock “ no, of course I don’t, I love you” “your behaviour says otherwise but I am willing to give you one last chance” “please George I’ll do anything, please forgive me” begged Katie, kneeling up to try and touch him.. George took a step back “stand in front of me and remove your clothes, then put your hands on your head” Trembling Katie did as she was told. She hated facing her husband in this position more than standing in the corner with her back to him. She always felt so exposed. “ you have a choice, you either lie on that bed with your ass in the air and take 18 strokes with my belt or we get a divorce, your decision” Katie started to cry “ please don’t do that, I can’t” “very well then I will get my things” George went to walk away but Katie grasped his arm “please don’t go, I’ll take the belt” “a wise choice, you will however have a safe word” Katie’s eyes widened, she had never been given that option before. “the safe word is divorce, any time you want me to stop, just say that word and it will all be over, the belt and the marriage, is that clear” Katie nodded her face still wet with tears “good, and that is ten” Katie watched fearfully as George opened his drawer and took out a set of nipple clamps. She made herself stand still as he came close to her and attached them. She shivered as they were tightened. George watched her reaction “perhaps you will keep them for me in future” he suggested. Moving to the bed he placed three pillows in the centre and beckoned her over. “Lie on the bed and push that unfaithful bottom up high so my belt can give it the lesson it deserves.” Katie crawled onto the bed wincing as the movement made her nipples sore. She lay gingerly over the pillows not wanting to put too much weight on her breasts. George pushed her shoulders down and she gasped at the pain “now show me that bottom” Katie did as she was told, last time she had had two, now she was going to get a whole lot more.

The first story i ever wrote

Katie felt the presence of the sgt major before she saw him striding down the corridor, her heart skipped a beat. The man looked incredibly angry
“Your office please”, the words were polite but very menacing. Katie led him into the office and sat down. He shut the door firmly behind him and glared down at her. Katie tried to smile to ease the tension but the 6ft 3in guardsman wasn’t having any of it.
“How dare you complain to the OC, don’t you know about the chain of command, do you know nothing>>>” the voice was raised now and Katie felt herself leaning backwards to get away from the angry man. The office was small and as the bollocking went on and on, Katie had the overwhelming urge to burst into tears. She tried to remain composed and to argue her point but the CSM was having none of it. Eventually he finished up with “I will see you in my office at 5.30 and we will finish this then” before crashing out of the door. When he had gone Katie burst into tears much to the concern of her staff who were obviously very intrigued. Katie told them it was a management issue and tried to settle down to work. She kept thinking about the whole chain of command thing, that was a laugh, she was the equivalent rank to a captain and she had just been bawled out by a sgt maj. She made up her mind that she would not be going to see him, he could damn well come to her.

As usual, Katie was the last to leave the med wing, she was locking up when she heard a deep voice say “you are late, Sister”. She whirled round to see him standing at the end of the corridor. “I’m on my way home, I’ll see you in the morning”, even to herself her voice sounded shaky.
“I don’t think so, you can either walk to my office or I can carry you, now move”. Katie stood on the spot, unable to think “I said move “ the voice this time was a roar and Katie found herself almost running to his office. Again there was the firm click as the door shut.

“I think that it is time that we discussed your behaviour, you seem determined to defy my authority when ever you can. It has got to stop. I am going to help you with that” Katie stared up at the man, what an earth was he implying. She heard his voice continue “as you are not a soldier, I can’t charge you so I am going to spank you” Katie’s stomach contracted and she started babbling “what, how dare you, you can’t>>>” the sgt major ignored her confused words and simply took her arm. Katie started to struggle as hard as she could but had no chance against her tormentor. Before she knew what was happening she was laid across two very broad knees with her face down by the carpet. As she continued to struggle her arm was pinned behind her back and one of his legs clamped over her kicking ones.

“Now then Sister, are you ready” Katie struggled and yelled at him to let her go but to no avail. Just when Katie thought things could not get any worse she felt her trousers being pulled down along with her pants. Despite struggling manfully, her bottom was soon exposed for all to see. “Very nice, lots to spank” growled the sgt maj. The next moment she felt a hard smack on her behind, she gasped as the pain took hold, before renewing her wriggles. A steady stream of spanks had Katie shrieking at the top of voice until she found herself being shaken. “ stop that noise and keep still, I can do this all night and believe me, if you want me to stop then shut up and keep still” Katie lay limp over his knee realising that he had a valid point. “Good girl, that is much better, now I am going to give you twenty more smacks and then that will be it, do you understand”
Katie nodded fearfully, she had no idea how many she had had already but she wasn’t sure she could take any more.
“I asked if you understood and I expect an answer”
“Yes, whatever”
The hand rose and fell several times on Katie’s burning bottom, making her jump and wriggle again.
“The twenty don’t start until you tell me respectfully that you understand and that you want me to do it”
Katie couldn’t believe her ears, now she had to ask for it!! Another two spanks landed on her with increasing force making her mind up for her.
“I understand sir, please finish spanking me “ Katie nearly choked on the words but she got them out.
“Very well, sister. It will be a pleasure, now remember, keep still and keep quiet or the deal is off”

Before starting spanking again, the sgt major rubbed his hand over the pink bottom; Katie shuddered as he kneaded her skin. To her horror she found that she was enjoying the sensation. Before she could analyse he r feelings the spanking started again. Katie gripped hold of the chair leg and clenched her teeth in an effort to keep quiet. She could feel the blood rushing to her head as she heard him counting slowly, seven, eight, nine. Her bottom felt like it was on fire and she felt ashamed that her pussy also felt on fire. How could her body betray her like that?
“Are you still awake sister” the sgt majors voice broke into her thoughts and she realised that the spanking had stopped and that she was drifting into her own world. Now she was back she also realised that her bottom was throbbing and felt like it was burning up.
“How many is that sister”
Katie tried desperately to think “20 “she guessed hopefully
The sgt maj actually laughed, “not a chance, now where were you” Katie felt his hand stroke her bottom and then she jumped as it nuzzled between her legs
“No, please, oh god, no” Katie tried to escape as the hand pushed in towards her pussy. “Well, now isn’t that interesting” murmured the sgt maj ”one very wet pussy, I think you like this punishment sister”
Katie was bright red with embarrassment ”no, please let me go”
“Is that what you really want” As he spoke his fingers found her clit and started to gently massage it. Katie moaned with pleasure, the difference between the heat in her bottom and the pleasure of her clit made her moan with desire.
“Do you want me to stop” Katie barely heard as she enjoyed the sensations in her clit and pussy
“No, please, that’s good”
Abruptly the hand withdrew and smacked down on her tender behind
“Be respectful and ask me, ask me to finish your spanking and ask me to fuck you”
Katie was almost panting with need “please sir, please fuck me, god, I need you, please sir”
Another two smacks reined down, “what did you forget”. Katie added hastily “oh and please spank me sir”
“That’s better” The sgt major treated Katie’s clit to a rub before finishing of the spanking. Although Katie’s bottom was throbbing and burning, it didn’t seem so bad with her pussy throbbing with need. When he has finished, the sgt major eased her onto the floor where she remained on all fours. Not knowing what to do. She felt suddenly even more embarrassed as she remembered what she had begged for.

She felt his hand on her head pulling him round to face him. She drew back as she realised that he had opened his trousers. “Ask me if you can suck my cock, Sister” Katie tried to drop her head but he held it firmly, “ask or you can go back over my knee” Katie’s bottom was burning and throbbing so she muttered “please sir, let me suck your cock” the words were barely audible but the sgt maj let it pass as he guided her to where he wanted her. She was so turned on despite the pain that she fell on his cock eagerly licking and taking it deep into her mouth. The sgt maj held her hair and guided her as to what he wanted, fucking her mouth hard while looking down at her red , sore bottom. As she knelt there with a mouth full of cock, Katie realised that she was supposed to be there against her will, and here she was desperately trying to please the man who had dragged her there. She drew back slightly. The sgt maj sensed the change in mood and pulled her to her feet. He pushed her to the desk and forced her over it. Katie tried to resist but it was a waste of time. She felt him remove her trousers and pants from her ankles and then tensed as he spread her legs wide. She felt one hand rubbing her buttocks and the other moved slowly between her legs towards her pussy. As his fingers touched her clit she thrust her backside towards him, desperate with desire again and not caring if he knew. She moaned as one finger massaged her, while three fingers from his other hand pushed into her pussy and fucked. “Do you like that Sister?”
“yes, please fuck me sir, please, sir” the words came naturally; she just needed it so bad.” She felt his cock pushing into her pussy and gasped as he entered her. He held her down and put his hand round to her clit. Katie was panting and felt like she was about to feint at the sensations, a cock in her pussy, a finger on her clit and a sore hot bottom that was getting pummelled with the hard fucking.

Suddenly his hand left her clit, “no please don’t stop” she begged. “I’m not going to, open your legs wider” Katie tensed as she felt his finger slide into her butt. She started trying desperately to wriggle away “no, please no” she cried
“shush, unless you want to feel my belt round your ass” he growled “now keep still and enjoy” Katie tried to relax but she could feel his cock filling her pussy and her butt was being stretched and prodded with ever more urgency. The sensations took hold of her and before she could stop herself she felt an enormous orgasm building. The sgt maj realised and used his free hand back on her clit. The pleasure took over in waves and shook Katie with their power. The sgt maj waited for her to calm down before easing his cock out of her pussy and nuzzling it at the entry to her butt. Katie was so deep into the moment that she relaxed back towards him. Gently he pushed into her, feeling her tense as she felt the pain of his cock pushing into her arse. “Relax, its fine” his fingers played gently with her clit as she let him enter her. He stayed still as he felt her pushing back onto his cock with the urgency of a woman possessed as he stimulated her clit. When he could stand it no more he started to fuck her, gently at first but with more and more force as his own orgasm built up. Katie held onto the table as her arse was fucked harder than it ever had been before. She felt the sgt maj shudder as he came into her ravaged behind. She lay still, exhausted by what had happened as he gently moved in out out of her as the feelings subsided.

Eventually the sgt maj withdrew and zipped his trousers back up. Katie remained over the desk, her well spanked bottom, her swollen pussy and arse hole in full view. She knew she was being inspected and didn’t dare move.
“I trust you have learnt your lesson Sister and that there will be no more disrespect or running to the OC”
“Yes sir “murmured Katie
“Good, because if it happens again, you know what to expect, only I will use my belt next time. Is that clear”
“Yes sir”
“Excellent, now you will remain where you are until I have left and then you may get up and go home”
“Yes sir”
“But first you need to thank me for spanking you”
“Thank you “Katie felt like she was getting the hang of this so a roar next to her ear made her jump”thank you for what”
“Thank you for spanking my bottom sir”
“It was a pleasure Sister”

Age play

Tabitha entered the house. It was very quiet and she cocked her head suspiciously. There should be sounds of Katie getting up and getting ready but instead there was silence. Frowning slightly she made her way up the stairs and gently pushed Katie's door open. Katie was fast asleep on the bed, her quilt pushed to one side and one leg of her pink pyjamas tucked up round her calf.

The look on Tabitha’s face was dark as she checked her watch. Katie was thirty minutes late getting up again. Daddy was not going to be pleased with his little girl, last time she had been told that she would be caned as well as spanked but seemingly it made no difference.

Tabitha picked up the heavy hairbrush and glided over to look down at the still sleeping girl. She raised her hand high and bought the brush down with a resounding wallop on the girl’s pyjamad bottom.

Katie woke with a resounding shriek as the pain in her bottom took her breath away.

“M,mummy” she quavered as her shocked brain took in the scene in milliseconds.

“You are a very naughty little girl Katie, you have been told about getting up late lots of times and you are still not getting the message. Daddy is going to very angry with you.”

Katie's eyes filled with tears “please don’t tell daddy, he will be so cross, please don’t tell him”

Tabitha smiled slightly “I won’t be telling him, you will. When he comes home from work, you will go to his study and you will tell him what you have done”

Katie whimpered, “Please mummy, can’t you just spank me and we not tell him, please”

“Well you are certainly going to get a spanking from me, but that is as well as the one you are going to get off your father, now get out of bed so we can get started”
Poor Katie crawled off the bed and stood with her eyes downcast in front of her mother. She knew she was in big trouble and she knew that her mummy could be very effective with the hair brush.

“Bend over my knee then little girl, let’s get on with this”

Very slowly, Katie bent over. It always felt strange as her mummy’s knee was not as big as daddy’s but with a hand in her back to keep her still, she felt just as vulnerable. Her pink pj’s were yanked down and she felt her mother’s cool hand stroking her bottom.

“It really is time you learnt to behave young lady”

The next thing Katie felt was the brush landing on her bottom. Tabitha was not starting gently, she meant for Katie to feel every spank. It was only moments before Katie was wriggling and squirming as the brush painted every inch of her bottom. As it started to land on her sit spot and then further down her thighs, Katie burst into tears as she tried like mad to crawl off.

“Keep still little girl, I will not have you disrespecting me by moving like that”

Katie tried to lie still as the brush spanked each thigh a dozen times before heading back to the crease of her bottom and then to the fleshy mounds again. Her sobs were loud as mummy decided that another set of twelve in each place would be a fitting reminder for lazy girls who disobeyed their parents.

Tabitha stood the girl on her feet and pointed to the corner

“Thirty minutes in the corner young lady and then we will finish off the spanking”

Katie sobbed as she hastened to obey, her legs getting tangled in her pyjamas as she moved. Mummy stood behind her and positioned her legs wide apart and the girl’s hands on her head with her trousers at half mast. The crimson of her bottom and thighs showed up well against the pastel.

After about twenty minutes, Katie's arms were aching and she really needed a pee. She tried to glance round to see where mummy was as she couldn’t hear her.

“Yes Katie, what is it”

The voice made Katie jump. “Please may I go to the toilet mummy” she asked in a small voice.

There was no reply but Katie could hear sounds behind her. She really needed to go and standing with her legs open wasn’t helping.

“Turn round Katie”

Katie did so and felt the blood rush to her face. Positioned on the floor just in front of her was a blue potty. She looked at mummy in horror.

Tabitha raised her eyebrows “well come on then Katie, get on with it”

Katie stood still, there was no way she was using a potty at her age. She pressed back against the wall and felt the coldness on her throbbing behind. The fight went out of her. There was no arguing when all roads led to a painful bottom. She knelt down and positioned herself over the potty. Her face was crimson and she stared resolutely at the floor as she heard the pee landing in the plastic.

Mummy handed her a tissue so she could wipe herself before taking the potty away while Katie turned back to her corner.

All too soon for Katie's bottom and her pride, she was called to stand back in front of mummy again. This time mummy was sitting on a chair and not on the edge of the bed.

Katie was stood with her side to Tabitha. She felt mummy take hold of her waist. “Hands on your head Katie and don’t you dare move them”

The brush landed with a thud on the front of Katie's thigh and she screeched loudly and moved her hands down to protect herself.

“Get them back now” snapped Tabitha.

Twelve times the brush landed, six on each tender thigh. Katie was doing a dance as she tried to keep still and to keep her hands out of the way.

Katie was turned a quarter turn and then the brush spanked hard on her outer thigh six times before she was flipped round again for six on the other outer thigh.

Tabitha pointed to the bed. “Sit on the edge and spread your legs wide apart”.

Katie didn’t think she could take any more as she eased her burning bottom onto the mattress. The pain as the brush landed on the insides of her thighs caused her to shut her legs and squeeze her hands inside to try and deaden the pain.

“Stop being a baby Katie and get those hands on your head and your legs open”

It took a while but eventually all aspects of Katie's thighs were bright red and throbbing. Tabitha took the girls hands, “six on each palm for not doing as you were told”

Katie tried to pull her hands away but her mummy held on tight as the brush turned Katie's palms as red as her legs and bottom.

“Now, get ready and I want you downstairs in five minutes or I will be back up here and we will see how you like the brush on your calf’s”

Katie had never got ready so fast. She didn’t even stop to look at her bottom in the mirror. All she could think about was the throbbing that was like a painful pair of shorts and the knowledge that this was going to a dream compared to what daddy was going to give her tonight.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A true story

Will I ever learn??

Katie surveyed her bedroom. It looked very bare with only the minimum of furnishings left. Laid out on the dressing table was a fearsome array of spanking implements. Katie checked them for the umpteenth time, to make sure they were clean and polished. Hanging on the wall were the even more scary implements, the canes, crops and straps. Moving over to the bed, she checked that the securing points were ready and that there were plenty of pillows. Her heart was thudding fast as she checked the covered tray, the freshly prepared ginger root was soaking in iced water next to a bar of soap and a dispenser bottle of liquid soap. He couldn’t really be serious about using these, she thought desperately. She had read about them in stories and she knew for sure that she did not want to experience them first hand. Closing her mind to the thought she checked herself in the mirror. She had on a pair of white cotton pants and a pale lilac vest top that just covered her breasts. Turning round, she pulled her pants down to look at her pale bottom in the mirror. She rubbed it gently, knowing that next time she saw it, it would look very different. Sighing to herself she went downstairs to await his arrival.

As the minutes passed, her tension increased, she ran over in her mind his instructions for this meeting. She was dressed as he had ordered; the implements were prepared, as was the bed. The soap and ginger were ready and she had a freshly shaved pussy. She was determined to behave as well as she could to show him she was repentant for her behaviour. She would not speak unless spoken to, she would not whine and she would obey without hesitation. Most importantly she would not anger him further by persistently forgetting to say Sir. Katie could not understand how she could make the same mistake over and over and over again. The sound of his car in the driveway brought her abruptly back to the present and her stomach started to churn as she heard the car door slam.

She stood nervously in the hall, imagining him striding up the path, her heart skipped as he opened the door and entered the room. When in his presence, Katie could never imagine how an earth she had got herself into the predicaments that she did as she never had the slightest urge to disobey him when he was stood next to her. “Go into the front room and stand in the corner, hands on head” George did not bother with pleasantries, he was annoyed that they were here for the same reason a third time. This punishment was going to remain in Katie’s memory for a long, long time.

Katie hurried into the room and stood as ordered; she heard him come up behind her and felt him pull her pants up tight into her arse and her pussy. She gasped as she felt like she was being split into two. When George was satisfied with the position he left her without speaking. Katie heard him go into the kitchen and put the kettle on, she hoped everything was clean enough for him as she didn’t want to be taken to task for her lack of housekeeping skills as well. George placed his drink on the coffee table and after surveying Katie’s back for a moment went upstairs. He looked round the room approvingly as he picked up a few of the items laid out for his use.

Re entering the front room, he laid the items on the coffee table next to a sheet of paper that lay there waiting. “Come here Katie” he said quietly. Katie came and stood where he pointed, her insides shaking as she looked at him sitting there so calmly on the couch. Her mind flashed back to their first meeting and how considerate he had been in reintroducing her to spanking. Two strokes he had given her with his belt, two, and my god, now I am facing 54 with a cane. “KATIE” George said loudly for the second time. Katie jumped like a startled rabbit, realising that she had not been paying attention. “Yes sir “she stammered. “You will read me the letter you have prepared”

Katie knew it was coming, she had had to do this before but it never got any easier. With a shaking hand she picked up the sheet of paper and looked hatefully down at it. Why did she have to do this she thought rebelliously, he knew she hated it, what would do if she screwed it up and threw it at him? Even as these thoughts flitted across her mind, she knew that it was useless to argue. Reluctantly she began to read in a low voice. The words were barley audible and there were lots of pauses but Katie knew the consequences of not reading it so she forced herself to continue to the end. When she was finished George held his hand out for the paper and read it through himself while Katie stood nervously trying not to look at the items on the table.

George folded the paper and put it into his pocket, standing up he came and stood just behind Katie. “so young lady, you have surpassed your self this time haven’t you , twice I have punished you for being disobedient, and each time your behaviour improves for about as long as you can still feel your bottom. You need to learn that I expect obedience from you at ALL times, not just when your bottom is sore, or when I am with you, or when I speak to you on the phone. ALL times, do you understand that Katie??? Katie nodded fervently, “yes Sir” she assured him. “So if you understand, how come we are having this conversation,” Katie wished he would come round into her field of vision as she found it very disconcerting having him stood behind her. “I don’t know Sir” she muttered. “YOU DON’T KNOW” George didn’t shout but pronounced each word separately. “I, I, I mean” Katie could not believe she had said one of the frowned upon phrases so early in the proceedings. “well, what do you mean, do you mean that you will do as your told when it pleases you, that you will do as your told so long as I keep nagging you, that you will please your self and hope you don’t get caught, well Katie tell me.” Katie tried to turn round to see him so she could explain but a sharp smack on the side of the thigh and a snapped “face the front” stopped her.

Tears pricked her eyes as she stood there, not knowing what to say “do you not want to be submissive, do you just want to play games, is that the problem??” “no Sir” she whispered “perhaps, I am wasting my time here, maybe I should leave you unpunished as it doesn’t seem to do any good whatsoever” Despite her determination not to cry, this was too much and she felt the tears starting “please sir, I do want to do as you say, I really do, its just hard sometimes” she begged rubbing the tears away with her hand. George turned her round and held her chin so she had to look up at him. She tried to pull away, not wanting him to see her crying. “Look at me Katie, it is not hard, and I don’t ask a lot of you, just that you follow the simple rules that have been set for YOUR benefit. You asked for my help and I am going to help you, but you MUST do what I say and not go doing whatever pleases you in the hope that I don’t find out, do you understand?” Katie avoided eye contact, she hated him seeing her like this “yes Sir” she managed to whisper.

George released her face and went and sat down on the settee from where he surveyed the unhappy woman in front of him. “Come and kneel here” he gestured to the floor between his legs. Katie knelt before him, her eyes still red and still on the verge of a full blown crying fit. “Do you like kneeling there” he asked. Katie looked up at him “yes Sir “. “Good, why do you like it?” Katie just stopped herself in time from shrugging and saying I don’t know. She tried to explain, “I like being here, I like looking up at you, I like being able to put my arms round you and lean on your chest, I like putting your cock in my mouth and giving you pleasure, I like being subservient to you” George nodded approvingly, “so if you like all that, it should not be hard to respect me by telling me the truth and obeying me then should it” “no sir” said Katie softly her eyes fixed on his belt, as she desperately fought the tears that still threatened. George pulled her close and put his arms round her so she was leaning on him “now you know why I am going to punish you, it is going to be a hard punishment with a severe caning and afterwards, I do not expect to ever have this conversation again, is that clear” Katie nodded into his chest “yes Sir”

George waited for a moment before telling Katie to bend over his knee. She obeyed without hesitation, glad that the lecture was over. She buried her head into the settee as she felt him pull her pants tight again. His hand was on her bottom but he seemed in no hurry to start. “Ask me to punish you Katie” he ordered. Katie looked back at him in desperation; he couldn’t be serious “ask me Katie”. “Please punish me Sir” whispered Katie after a very long pause. “How do you want me to punish you”? Katie took a deep breath “please punish me hard Sir”. George stroked the bottom presented to him some more “what do you need punishing for Katie?” For Gods sake thought Katie, just get on with it but she managed to say “please punish me hard Sir for disobeying you and lying to you”. George smiled “very well babe, I will gladly do that for you”

SMACK, the first of many hard smacks landed on Katie’s bottom as George commenced the punishment with his hand. They were not gentle warm up smacks and in no time at all Katie was feeling the effects. She kept her head into the cushions and tried to keep her behind still. She leaned on her hands as she felt her bottom getting warmer and warmer. George didn’t speak and the spanking seemed to go on for ever till despite her best efforts Katie was starting to shift her bottom as much as she could to try and escape the smacks that assaulted it. The wriggles became more urgent as George extended the spanking right down first one thigh and then the other. Katie hated having her thighs spanked but there was not a lot she could do about it. After what seemed like a life time the spanking stopped and Katie lay panting over his knee. George leaned forward and picked up the paddle shaped hairbrush. He showed it to Katie. “Twelve slow spanks with this next”. Katie nodded miserably and then yelled out loud as it came whistling down onto her right buttock. “Did you forget something Katie?” “Ow, yes Sir, I’m sorry sir”. George pulled down her pants, not that they had been offering much protection anyway as he said “you have plenty of punishment coming your way young lady without begging me for me”

One by one the twelve spanks landed on Katie’s ample bottom. George took his time to make sure that every inch was covered, plenty of time for concentrating on certain spots later. Again it was the thighs that drew the most response from the girl laid over his knee but she was able to keep her hands out of the way as she moved her bottom as much as was possible to avoid the sting.. Katie turned her head to see what he would pick up next. Her heart sank when she saw it was the clothes brush. “One minute Katie” George waited for the second hand on his watch to reach 12 before starting. Katie managed to keep still for about thirty seconds before her wriggling resulted in her putting her hands back to try and protect her bottom. George stopped abruptly. Without speaking he moved Katie further onto his knee so he could grip her legs with one of his. “give me your hand now” he ordered.

Very slowly Katie held it out and gasped as he took it and held it tightly. “Don’t even think of protecting your bottom young lady, I have barely started yet and that minute will now start again” Katie tried to move to escape “noooo” she moaned. “Well well” George sounded surprised “you are determined to beg for more punishment aren’t you, well I would hate to disappoint you babe, let’s make it two minutes” Katie stayed silent not wishing to incur any more penalties “I suggest you say thank you Sir, before I make it three minutes” George growled menacingly. “thank you Sir” muttered Katie as the second hand once again reached the top.

The two minutes went on and an, Katie thought it would never end as she bucked and writhed and moaned. George kept her in place with little effort and smiled to himself, she may not realise it but he was by no means letting her have the full works. Her bottom had got a lot more to come and he wanted to ensure that it was a long and lasting punishment. When the two minutes were up Katie lay still, breathing hard wishing she hadn’t made so much fuss but she hated the way the brush stung her bottom so much. She tried to remember what else was on the table, oh god she thought, the mahogany paddle.

George exchanged the clothes brush for the beautifully polished mahogany paddle. He kneaded Katie’s bottom with one hand as he admired the shiny gleam of the wood. “I thought you were going to get this engraved” he said breaking through Katie’s ouches that the kneading action always produced. “I haven’t had chance Sir” “Mmmm” mused George “well I want to see it engraved next time I use it, so you had better find time hadn’t you?” “Yes Sir, I will Sir” agreed Katie. “So how many would you like with this then Katie?” The girl took a deep breath, another thing she hated, God he was doing it all today. “Twelve please Sir “she offered. To her surprise, he simply said “very well”

Katie screwed her eyes up as she felt him grip her hand tighter and pin her down more thoroughly. SMACK, the pain radiated through Katie’s bottom and she struggled to free her hand, SMACK, “please Sir, no more Sir” she begged desperately wriggling. “KEEP STILL, you asked for twelve and you will get twelve”. George took his time, again making sure that all areas were covered. Katie was completely unable to keep still and the noise level was increasing. Abruptly the spanking ended and she was set back onto her feet, her knickers round her ankles. “Go and stand in the corner”.

George drank his nearly cold cup of tea as he watched her in the corner. He remembered the first time he had put her there; she had looked over her shoulder at him with “attitude”. A quick session with the trusty clothes brush had altered her attitude and she had always gone obediently to stand and kneel where ordered. A frown crossed his face; she was going to seriously regret her disobedience in other areas when he was through with her today.

“Go into the dining room, remove your top, bend over the table and wait for me. You may leave your knickers there, go on quickly” Katie nearly ran into the other room. She saw that the chairs had been moved so she could lean across the table. Lying at one end were the six canes. Trying to remain calm she put her top neatly on a chair and bent over to await George. She turned her head so she didn’t have to look at the dreaded canes that she had carefully prepared for him to use on her bottom. She heard him come in and pick up a cane. “remind me, why do you have six canes Katie” “cause I cocked up on eBay Sir and bid a lot for the second set of three Sir” George put one cane down and picked up another “and how much was a lot?” Katie sighed to herself “fifteen thousand pounds Sir”. “And why did you cock up on eBay, its not the first time you have bought something is it?” “no sir, I was tired and it was late and” Katie’s voice trailed off “and you were on the computer after your bedtime and you had been on the computer for more than two hours, am I right” “yes Sir” murmured Katie forlornly.

“Oh dear” George shook his head sorrowfully “more canes for me to use on your bottom as a result of your disobedience, a nice irony there I think. Now I told you I was going to give you 54 strokes of the cane and I am going to do that later. But first I am going to give you one stroke with each one to see how they respond to you and of course how you respond to them” George picked up the nursery cane, feeling how thin and swishy it was. “Turn your head and look at the rest of them waiting to be used, and look at the computer, the cause of so much of your disobedience”

Katie did as she was told, gripping the table tightly. The cane swished through the air and landed on her burning red bottom. “Owwww “she moaned and her legs started wriggling. George pushed her back firmly down to the table “push your bottom out girl and stop moaning, that was the nursery cane” Next he picked up a junior cane. He examined it, it seemed very short but he was ready to try anything. The reaction from Katie as it landed just below the previous stripe convinced him that despite its short length it was very effective. The advantage of testing the canes between each stroke meant that the pain had plenty of time to build to a crescendo before the next stroke landed. “Another Junior one, Katie, make sure that bottom is well pushed out” Breathing hard Katie did as she was told “owww” she moaned again as the cane swished on to her throbbing behind. A sudden thought hit her, were these six included in the fifty four. Oh god she groaned, there was no way she would be able to mange fifty four strokes.

She became aware that George was tapping her bottom with the fourth cane, “are you paying attention Katie, or do I need to be more insistent” “no Sir, I’m sorry Sir” This cane was less of a swish and more of a thud as it landed and Katie’s feet started to dance around. “That was a senior cane and so is this” George took the short straight handled cane and delivered the next stroke very fast. Katie scrambled to stand up to ease the fire in her bum but Georges hand on her back prevented her from moving. “keep still, I can see I am going to have to secure you for at least some of your caning, now get that bottom right out, no right out, that’s better” Katie watched as he picked up the dragon cane. Apart from its colour, it didn’t look all that more fearsome than the others but she had heard tales of how it really hurt. She tensed as it touched her bottom to see where to aim for. SWISH, it landed and there was a stunned silence and then the pain hit. Katie tried even harder to get up as she tried to get away from the searing pain. “KEEP STILL” rapped George. Katie lay still, looking at the canes trying to calm her breathing. “That’s better, now go upstairs and wait for me in the corner of the bedroom, and do not touch your bottom”

Katie stood naked in the bedroom with her hands on her head facing the wall; she seemed to have been there for hours. She wriggled her legs and bottom trying to make the sting go away. As she heard him coming up the stairs though she remained perfectly still. He had made it quite clear so far that he was not in a mood to be trifled with. “Come over here” Katie stood in front of him looking at the floor. She felt his hands on her breasts, gently stroking them, making her large nipples erect. Suddenly he squeezed both nipples hard and pulled them upwards. Katie danced on her tip toes trying to ease the pain, not daring to try and get his hands off her. Eventually he released them, she heard the clink of the chain on the nipple clamps so she was not surprised when they were firmly attached to each nipple. As usual, the pain made her dizzy but also incredibly aroused, she stood submissively as his hands wandered down to between her legs “you are soaking wet babe” he announced as his fingers explored her naked pussy. She squirmed at his touch, the pain and humiliation fighting with the incredible feelings that he was arousing.

“Lie on the bed, on your back” Katie sat down gingerly and adjusted her position. George took each arm and leg in turn, securing them tightly to the corners of the bed until Katie was completely unable to move. He checked that the nipple clamps were securely in place, giving them an extra squeeze just to be sure. Katie followed him with her eyes as he went to the wall where the implement were hung. She noticed that he had re hung the canes. George turned to look at Katie, lying so submissively waiting for him before taking down one of the riding crops. He heard a sharp intake of breath and saw the worry in her face as she tried to melt down into the bed. Standing over her he gently stroked her body with the crop, watching as she tensed each time it came near her.

“So Katie, why are you being punished” he asked quietly. Katie never took her gaze away from the crop, “for being disobedient Sir, and for doing what I wanted to do, not what you wanted me to do” “very good, have you learnt anything yet” Katie nodded emphatically “yes sir, please d’” George shook his head “shush, don’t ask questions or beg, speak only when spoken to remember” Katie lapsed into silence. George reached down and removed the nipple clamps, leaving Katie with the after effects that only really went away with rubbing. He sat on the bed between her legs and she felt him examining every inch of her swollen, aroused pussy. She moaned as she felt him squeeze her inner lips and then the pain started in earnest as he fastened the clamps in place. Bonds or not, Katie made every effort to move, her pussy was so painful, She begged him to take them off as she writhed round the bed. For answer she got a sharp slap on the inside of her thigh “keep still girl and feel the pain, don’t fight it”

Katie tried desperately to obey, taking deep calming breaths, she was only barely aware that George was once again standing over her. The flick of the crop on her breast made her yell out. Relentlessly the crop flicked, first on one tender breast and then on the other. Katie squirmed and fought but the punishment did not stop. At times when the crop caught her nipple’s already tender from the clamps she shrieked especially loudly. Only when each breast was nice and red did he put down the crop. Bending over he sucked hard on each nipple, squeezing the other one tight as he did so. Katie raised her body to his mouth, feeling the juices flowing from her incredibly painful pussy as he teased each nipple in turn.

George came back to her feet leaving her desperate to cum, He tucked at the chain on the clamps, seeing her moan as he did so. Deftly he removed the clamps and put them back on her nipples. “Don’t move “he commanded as she started her wriggling “do you want the cane on your breasts” he asked sternly “no sir” she moaned as she lay motionless. Suddenly without warning he started spanking her pussy, hard with his hand. All thoughts of stillness evaporated as her pussy got redder and redder. There was very little room to move, but Katie made use of every millimetre as she tried to avoid the heavy hand that relentlessly spanked and spanked.

All at once it stopped and Katie had chance to draw breath. George took down the short tawse from the wall and ran it through his fingers. “Are you going to lie to me again Katie” he asked as he tapped gently on her ravished pussy with the leather. “No sir” she whispered as she braced herself for the next part of the punishment. George did not say how many she was to receive and each stroke had her again begging for mercy. “Please Sir, no more, I will never lie again sir, “. As her pussy became more and more red, George started covering the inside of her thighs with the tawse till Katie was sobbing with pain” no Sir, please, I will be good Sir, please Sir” George ignored her passionate pleas as he made sure that every part of her pussy and thighs were red and sore. Only when he was sure that he had covered everywhere did he release her from he bonds.

“On your feet, hands on head” he ordered sharply as Katie struggled to stand up straight. Her hands went down to her pussy to try and ease the pain that engulfed it. “Get your hands on your head NOW” Katie made a small whining sound as she did as she was told “and you can stop that whining before you start”. Katie stood miserably in front of him, hands on head, nipple clamps still pinching her nipples. She wasn’t sure which bit hurt more but she was desperately relieved when the clamps were removed. “Now then Katie, tell me about when you lied to me”

Katie mustered all her thoughts “I was on the computer past my cut off time and you asked me and I lied about it.” she muttered. “and” prompted George still with the tawse in his hands “and I lied about being in bed, and I lied about how long I had been on the computer for” George nodded “and that was three sentences without Sir,” Katie gasped out loud, “oh god I am sorry sir, please sir I am really sorry” she babbled incoherently. The babbling became even more hysterical as George put down the tawse and approached her with the dispenser of soap in his hand. She backed away from him till her sore spanked bottom hit the wall as she tried to get away from him. “Stand still or I am going to take my belt to your behind” he rapped. ” maybe some soap will remind that mouth of yours to be respectful”

He put some soap onto his finger and taking her hair in his other hand forced her to look up at him. “This is not a game, you can not pick and choose what you will and will not do. You are mine and you will do as you are told, now open your mouth” Katie was crying now, she had never been so scared in her entire life, spanking she could handle but this was something different. “I am waiting Katie, do you want to be submissive on your terms or on mine” There was a struggle in Katie’s mind, how much did she want this, how important was it to her, in her heart she knew the answer and very slowly she opened her mouth. George rubbed the soap onto her tongue making sure that the tiny amount covered as much as possible.

“stand still and you can spend the next three minutes thinking about that little word Sir and if we have to repeat this exercise, it will be two minutes for each time you forget” Katie closed her eyes and surveyed her misery in her mind. She had a foul taste in her mouth, her arms were aching keeping her hands on her head, her breasts were throbbing as were her nipples and her pussy and bottom still had a dull ache

Thursday, 10 January 2008

The business trip - Chapter Six

Important note. These stories were originally written for Sir so sometimes i used other peoples writing to supplement my own. This was one of those occaisions. The belting scene was one of the most intense pieces of writing i have read and i wanted to use it within mine. If you should recognise it, then please let me know who wrote it so i can credit them with it.

The two girls sidled past him, even Tanya was not looking like raising even a tiny grin and Katie was close to tears. George sat and watched them as they nibbled at the fresh rolls and sipped at the water.

“You will drink at least two glasses of water before you leave that table so get drinking”.

Obediently they forced the water down and then waited for the next command.

“Get your things together Tanya, I will order you a taxi”

Tanya stood up, the temptation to just leave was very strong, but an even stronger fascination had taken hold of her. She wanted to experience what Katie had, she wanted to have a man care about her and be willing to deal with her like George was obviously going to do with Katie.

“wait a minute, I know that you are going to spank Katie, and it wasn’t her fault, so you should punish me as well, because its not fair on her otherwise if I get nothing and she gets into loads of trouble and..”

Tanya had started off in a confident voice but the look on Georges face caused her to trail off.

“And what else has Katie told you”, ground out George glaring at his secretary.

“She didn’t say anything, I saw her bottom just now, honestly, she hasn’t said anything”

“its true Sir, I haven’t said anything, I promise” Katie assured him desperately. There was a long silence while George weighed up the situation.

“Both of you come and stand here, and you may explain what happened last night”

Tanya followed Katie’s lead and stood on the rug in front of him, where they mumbled out the whole sorry story. When it was told, George told them what he thought of them. His voice wasn’t loud but he spoke with authority and Katie was wiping her eyes by the time it was over. Tanya had a deep feeling of unease as she realised just how displeased the man was. She knew that most of his feelings were directed at Katie who she gathered had disobeyed a direct order when she left the hotel room, not to mention how worried he had been until they had turned up safely at the hotel. But she also knew that she was a lot to blame and that if he did indeed decide to spank her that she well and truly deserved it.

“So do you still think I should spank you “Georges voice broke into Tanya’s thoughts

“err yes” she stammered before she could change her mind.

“Yes what” snapped the man.

Tanya looked baffled for a moment before catching on “yes Sir”.

George pointed to the writing desk, “go and sit there and write me a letter explaining why you think I should spank you and giving me permission to punish you in any way I think fit. You have a choice at this moment, write the letter or walk out the door. Once the letter is written there will be no going back, you will accept my punishment in the same way that Katie will although the punishments will obviously be at a different level. Your decision Tanya”

Katie watched the indecision as the girl looked from the desk to the door. She was surprised when Tanya went and sat down and took up a pen. She had thought that she was all talk and that when the crunch came; she would be off laughing out of the door.

“as for you Katie, I think you had better get those clothes off and assume your favourite position in your favourite place”

This time there were no deep breaths, sighs or pouts. Katie knew that she was in the poo again and that only instant obedience would protect her bottom from any extra punishments. Tanya looked up from her letter and watched the girl kneel in the corner. The sight of her bottom so exposed and vulnerable gave her a weird feeling in her tummy and she experienced a strange spasm in her pussy.

“Have you finished” questioned George impatiently as he stood over her. Tanya was 5ft 9ins but the man still made her feel tiny. She handed him the letter with a shaky hand and waited while he read it.

“You realise that it will not just be my hand, and that other forms of punishment and humiliation may be used as well as spanking”

Tanya gulped but said with as much confidence as she could muster “yes Sir”.

George folded the letter in two and looked down at Tanya “OK, this is the final chance, once I put this in my pocket, there is no turning back. Shall I order you a taxi or would you like to ask me to do something else” .

Tanya was quick learner “please will you spank me Sir”

George nodded as he stowed away the letter and went and sat on a chair he had placed in the centre of the room.

“Katie, stand up and come and bend over my knee”. Both girls looked at him in surprise as they had expected that he would start with Tanya. He ignored their looks as he positioned his secretary how he wanted her. Resting his hand on her bottom, he looked over at the air hostess who had a very worried look on her face. It had all seemed like a bit of a scary game up to that point but now she was actually going to see a spanking, she had big doubts.

“Stand where you are, put your hands on your head and watch and learn”.

Tanya could hardly watch as Katie’s bottom became the target for George’s hand. Each time it landed, she felt her insides shake and as the bottom turned redder and redder she started making small whimpering sounds as her feelings of panic as to what she had agreed too, started to take hold. Katie looked up from the carpet remembering how scared she had been the first time. She tried to smile but her head was pushed back down as George increased the spanking. Soon Katie’s resolve started to dissolve and she started to try and wriggle away from the relentless hand.

“Keep still” he commanded fiercely “and Tanya, shut up that ridiculous noise, until I start on your bottom”.

Just when neither girl thought they could take any more, George stopped and set a tear stained Katie on her feet.

“Go and stand next to Tanya, hands on head”

The naked girl went to stand next to the fully clothed one.

“Feel how hot her bottom is Tanya. That is going to be how yours will be in a few minutes, go on feel it”.

Hesitantly Tanya put her hand onto the reddened rump next to her. Katie remained still as she felt the hostesses icy cold palm touch her ravished behind. She sensed that the heat made the panic in her friend increase.

“So now you know what to expect, come here and bend over” George beckoned as he spoke.

Tanya took a step back “I can’t” she muttered, very close to tears, “I can’t do it, I’m sorry but I just can’t”.

She shrank back as George strode over to her and gripped her arm and pulled her to the middle of the room.

“Please, no I don’t want to, please” she begged as George impassively ignored her pleas as he picked her up and draped her over his knee. Finding herself so easily put into position, Tanya started yelling and fighting to free herself. Katie looked on in sympathy because she knew that there would only be one winner.

“Keep still Tanya, I warned you that there would be no more choices. You are going to get spanked and it will be much harder for you if you keep this up”.

Tanya carried on as if she hadn’t heard him. “Katie, fetch me a hanky and two silk scarves”

George continued to sit calmly with the wriggling and yelling girl doing her best to escape. Katie returned with the items.

“Gag her and tie her hands please”. Kneeling down, Katie did as she was told, looking uncomfortable at being asked to do such a task. The shock of being gagged had a calming effect on Tanya and she lay exhausted over the mans knees.

“That’s better. That was quite a display young lady; I am going to give you an extra spanking as punishment for that. You were told to accept your punishment like Katie; did you see her creating like that?”

Tanya didn’t answer as she tried to bring her breathing under control hampered as she was with the gag. A sharp smack on her thigh made her whole body jerk

”I asked you a question, did Katie behave like that?”

Miserably Tanya shook her head wondering how she was ever going to get through this. She tensed again as she felt her skirt lifted and then her pants pulled down. The cool air on her bottom and the remembrance of how hot Katie’s bottom had been made her start to cry.

“For heavens sake girl, pull your self together, you asked for discipline and now you are going to get it”.

The first smack had Tanya trying to yell through her gag as George started turning her virgin white bottom into a beautiful red colour. Katie watched in fascination as the bottom jiggled and moved under the spanking, she had never seen anyone spanked and she found it mesmerising. George looked down at his handiwork in satisfaction. It was always nice to give a girl their first spanking and having one who fought like she had, just added to the feeling of domination when they finally accepted his authority.

His hand stopped spanking and started kneading the buttocks before him. Tanya was glad that the spanking had stopped and her sobbing gradually subsided as she became calmer.

“now then Tanya, in future when I tell you to get over my knee or in any other position, you will do so without arguing, is that clear”

The girl nodded, she knew she had to do it, but she didn’t know if she would be able to. George helped her into a standing position. She looked very dishevelled with her skirt up, panties round her ankles, tears on her face and her hair all messed up. George undid her wrists and removed the gag, placing them on the floor next to him.

“You may remove your pants and skirt and place them next to Katie, then come back here.”

Katie watched as her friend did as she was bidden. Watching the spanking had made her incredibly turned on and she kept thinking how much she would love to lick Tanya’s neatly trimmed pussy. A couple of times she had nearly risked moving her hands to touch her aching clit but she knew it would have to wait.

George looked knowingly at her for a moment, “I think you are enjoying this way too much babe, get into the corner, position three”

Katie nearly pouted but just in time remembered and went obediently to her by now well known spot of carpet.

“Right then young lady, you know what to do” George looked steadily at the Russian girl who very very slowly positioned herself in the dreaded position.

“Good girl”

The praise made Tanya feel better and she relaxed slightly as George stroked her bottom. As his hand moved between her legs she felt herself cringe at how wet she was but he appeared not to notice and went back to soothing her sore bottom.

“When I spank you this time, I want you to keep as still as possible and I don’t want to hear a sound or the gag is going back in. Understood”

Tanya managed to whisper “yes Sir” before the spanking started.

This time George applied his hand a little harder and covered down her thighs as well as her bottom. The tears were soon flowing again but she managed to keep still and only whimpers came out of her mouth. Katie could feel her pussy dripping and she desperately wanted to watch. She was quite disappointed when the spanking only lasted a few moments before Tanya was stood up and dispatched to a different corner with another “good girl, well done” to send her on her way.

“Katie, your turn” George removed his belt as his secretary approached him. He pointed to the desk

“bend over”
Slowly the girl went to the desk; she turned a doleful look at her boss “I’m sorry Sir. I never intended for it to turn out this way. I wasn’t thinking straight”

George stood waiting snapping the belt together menacingly.

“I can’t be held responsible for every little, and it was your fault as …” Katie’s increasingly hysterical outburst was interrupted by him taking a single aggressive step forward. She jerked backward, colliding with the desk, scattering writing paper and pens onto the floor. He was still waiting, and she could feel his anger radiating from him, flooding across her in a cold sweat. She knew his patience would not last much longer. Tanya had got patience but she knew that she was in too much trouble to expect the same. She also knew that the hand spanking she had got had been part of Tanya’s punishment and that hers was only just about to start. Trembling from head to toe, she slowly leaned forward over the desk, until the green blotter was only inches from her face. She pressed her head down, dipping her back and presenting her bottom to him for punishment. He stepped to her side, taking his position. Her legs trembled. He waited. She sniffled. He waited. When her entire body was shaking like a leaf, he slowly drew back the belt. Her breathing was such a frightened pant it almost seemed she would hyperventilate.

The first stroke still seemed like it came out of nowhere. Crack! Katie squealed at the first crack. “Oh god!” Crack! “No sir!” Crack! “Please Sir!” Crack! “Owwwwwwww!” Crack! “Aieeeeeeee!” Crack! Crack! Crack! He whipped her slowly, only one hard stroke every couple of seconds. Katie had been spanked hard with the belt before but this was reaching new depths. Crack! Crack! George’s demeanour was completely unhurried, calm, methodical, and merciless. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Suddenly he stopped. “Tanya, face the wall” he snapped “if you turn round again, you will take Katie’s place.

Katie was glad of the respite although the sting just kept on building, even after the belt stopped. She glanced behind her. He was still holding the belt. He was waiting. A frightened sob escaped her lips and then the crying started. She bawled like a little girl, bent over the desk, bottom burning like a torch and held high in the air. Crack! “Nooooooooooo!” Crack! Crack! Crack! “Oh please! Please stop!” Crack! Crack! “Please sir Stop!” Crack! Crack! Choking sobs rattled her composure as the burn far surpassed any ability to bear it, but she dared not stand up. She just bent over and wriggled for him, as her bottom turned redder and redder. Crack! Crack! Crack! “Oh, please! Please stop!” Crack! “Pleeeeeeeaaaase!” Crack! Crack! “Yeow!” Crack! That got the first scream out of her, but not the last. Crack! Crack! Now George was whipping her steadily harder and faster. It was getting worse. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! “I won’t do it again! I swear I’ll be a good girl!” Crack! “Oh please, I swear!” Crack! “Oh no more, please I beg you!” Crack! And then he stopped. He just watched her weep, grinding her hips into the desk as if that would in any way lessen the burn. Over the course of the next few minutes the burn slowly subsided into an unpleasant but tolerable throbbing. Her bottom was raw and she could feel the welts without even having to see them. Terrified, she remained bent over the desk, but time passed. She timidly glanced behind her. He was still just waiting there, belt in hand but held loosely at his side. George liked to keep her waiting, and it pleased him to see how repentant she was when the belt was cracking across her bottom. He looked across at Tanya and smiled to himself as she hastily straightened up. He was sure that they were both regretting their behaviour. Katie was certainly having deep regrets at her disobedience and she knew he was waiting for her to drop her guard, and then her punishment would continue. More time passed. She couldn’t maintain the heightened tension any longer and relaxed a little. She could feel a cold sweat over her body with droplets running off the small of her back down her sides. It almost tickled. Her mind began to wander slightly, her attention less focused. Crack! “Oh god” Crack! Now she made a brief, high pitched shriek each time the belt whipped across her bottom, the tops of her thighs, occasionally cutting into her hip. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Back to the slow, sadistic pace again. He had all the time in the world. There was no need to hurry. “I’ll be good!” Crack! “Please please please please.” Crack! Crack! “Please no more! I will never disobey you again sir” Crack! Crack! And then he paused again. She struggled for breath between sobs, hardly able to hold herself up, the desk supporting almost all of her weight now. Still, her bottom was presented for him. Just as her heartbeat began to slow again, Crack! Crack! Crack! It set her wailing again. And then another pause. Once again he was waiting. Taking advantage of the lull, Katie sobbed “I swear I will never disobey again. I’ll do what you tell me. I’m so sorry. I swear I’m sorry Sir.” Crack! Crack! Crack! It was insidious; he kept her continuously on fire with only a few strokes about once a minute. She had no idea how long it went on, but eventually he not only paused but also tossed the belt onto the desk next to her, the clatter of the buckle a jerking shock to her. Tanya as well as Katie drew a huge sigh of relief. The Russian girl had thought she was going to be sick with the tension.

“Stand in the corner,” Katie limped across the room, all sexual thoughts at the sight of Tanya’s red bottom completely obliterated by the burning pain in her own. She couldn’t stop the tears from returning as she stood there thinking of how much she had displeased him The chilly air from the air conditioning made her shiver slightly. Her ass burned relentlessly, but everywhere else the sweat on her body turned cold.

She barely noticed as Tanya was summonsed to bend over George’s knee to have her first taste of the hairbrush. However each crack seemed to reignite her own flames and Tanya was soon crying as hard as what she had been. If Katie had been up to counting she would have known that Tanya received twelve smacks with the brush before she was sent back to wait in the corner, kneeling this time.

Her heart raced, pulling small frightened breaths in and out of her lungs. His footsteps were approaching. He put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her body forward so her nose touched the wall. Instinctively she moved her feet back so that she was bent over, presenting her bottom to him again. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! She made no comment, only wriggled furiously in place, pumping her hips in and out in time with the belt. It did no good. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Bottom, legs, bottom, legs, again and again. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! She was hysterical when he stopped again, a complete wreck. Taking her by the shoulder again, he pulled her around to face him. He stared right down at her, like a stone gargoyle. He was waiting, waiting for her to look up at him. When her eyes met his, he captured them. He was definitely still angry. Her bottom and legs hurt so much that she couldn’t keep still, rubbing with her hands, crossing and uncrossing her legs, feet constantly moving. His words shattered the air in the room even over her sobs, “Have I made myself clear?” “Yes, sir. I understand. I swear I’ll be good. I swear.” His eyes pierced into hers, she willed herself to look as convincing and sincere as possible. He didn’t seem convinced. “Sir, I promise I will never disobey you like that ever again Sir.” Without dropping her gaze, he replaced his belt into his trousers. When he had done he took her chin and spoke very quietly “if you do ever disobey me to that extent again, I will have nothing more to do with you, is that clear” Katie’s sobs increased until her whole body was shaking “yes Sir, please don’t do that, I will be a good girl for you, I promise” George held her close till her sobs had come under control .

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The business trip - Chapter Five

The next couple of days passed with out incident. George made sure his secretary worked hard during the day, and then he played hard with her in the evening. Katie found herself bound, gagged, whipped and fucked, and she was blissfully happy. She was therefore not pleased to be told that George was going to dinner with his clients and that she was to remain in the hotel room. Forgetting her place she pouted

“and what the hell am I supposed to do all night”

George paused in his preparations and turned a freezing cold glare at Katie,

“I beg your pardon” he said coldly.

Katie was too cross to heed the warning signs, “its alright for you, gallivanting all over the place, but what am I going to do up here all on my own, I might just go out as well”

The next moment Katie retreated as George advanced angrily upon her and taking her arm pulled her across his knee. Too late she realised that she had been way out of order, and too late she realised that her bottom was going to pay the price. Her skirt was pulled up and her knickers down and George’s heavy hand started its work. This was no gentle hand spanking, this was for real and Katie wished fervently that she had kept her mouth shut. Ten minutes passed during which time, Katie got more and more vocal and more and more sore. George didn’t speak, letting his hand do the talking. Eventually he stopped and pushed her none too gently onto the floor,

“crawl to the corner, remove your clothes and get into position three” he ordered.

Katie crept to do as she was told, a little shocked that she had been so rude to him. She had never done anything like that before and she was sure that a hand spanking was not going to be the end of the punishment.

Thirty long minutes passed while George showered and dressed. Katie did not dare move a millimetre, as she had no wish to annoy him further.

“Come here” ordered George curtly.

He watched, as Katie turned round to see if she was supposed to approach him on her knees or on her feet. He was pleased that at least she had remembered that much of what he had taught her.

“On your feet”, he put her out of her uncertainty then looked down at her grimly as she stood before him.

“Do you have an explanation for your disrespect young lady”?

Katie shook her head “no sir, I just got angry and lost control, I’m sorry Sir”.

She felt his hand under her chin, forcing her to look at him. “And how many times has that lack of control got you into trouble”. Katie tried to look away as she whispered, “Lots Sir”.

“Too many times, Katie, its time you learnt self control. But in the mean time I will have to give you a lasting punishment to remind you. When I get back to the hotel, I will ring from the lobby, you will bend over the bed, naked as you are now with a blindfold on and wait until I come to deal with you. Is that understood”

Katie breathed hard, she hated waiting to be punished but she managed to say politely “yes Sir”

“Good, you may also lay out on the chest of drawers all the items that you think I may find useful”

George chose to ignore the second more obvious deep breath, deciding he would deal with it later.. He stopped at the door and looked back at his secretary standing miserably naked in the centre of the rug,

“you will of course remain in this room until I return” Shutting the door firmly behind him he left leaving an emotionally charged Katie.

She glared at the door, “who the hell does he think he is” she thought angrily to herself, all her feelings of repentance gone. She stamped into the bedroom and put on her night gown, feeling the satin on her red bottom. Even the thought of the punishment to come, didn’t calm her down as she moved round the room with an angry face trying to calm herself down. A knock on the door made her jump. Checking round quickly to make sure no tell tale implements or ropes were on show she opened the door.

“Hello Katie” greeted Tanya, walking into the suite before Katie had registered who it was. “Tanya, what are you doing here?” she asked in surprise as she closed the door. “well I wanted to talk to you some more, so I found out where you were staying and came on my next stop over” Katie nodded, “do you do that with all your passengers” she asked , more as something to say than because she wanted to know. Tanya laughed “deja vue, you asked that on the plane, no I don’t, so where is the boss man then” Katie scowled, “he has gone out and left me here on my own.” The air hostess grinned widely “well that’s good, because I was going to see if you wanted to come to a party, but I wasn’t sure he would let you, so now he needn’t know”

In normal circumstances Katie would not have gone to a party in a strange country with a girl who she had exchanged less than a dozen sentences with but she was carried away on a wave of resentment and before she knew what she doing she was in a nightclub drinking and dancing with Tanya as if she had known her for years. Every time a thought of George popped into her head, she pushed it away with another shot of vodka. By the time the party was drawing to a close, Katie and Tanya were barely able to stand. Giggling, they flagged down a taxi and still giggling walked into the hotel foyer.

The foyer was deserted except for a receptionist and a very tall angry Scotsman. He strode over to them and the giggles stopped as they looked up into his furious face. Without saying a word, he took each girl by the arm and propelled them into the lift. His grip did not loosen until he pushed them into the room. The girls nearly went sprawling but managed to stay upright, holding onto each other for support, both from gravity and from George. The man gave them a contemptuous look,

“get into the other room and get some sleep, Tanya, I have informed your hotel that you will be stopping here, you can get a taxi back in the morning and then I will deal with you Katie”.

Heads bowed the two girls wobbled their way into the other room, too drunk to wonder how George knew who Tanya was or for Katie to fully register just how angry her boss was with her.

It was late morning before Tanya and Katie woke up. They were lying next to each other in bed and it took a few moments for the events of the previous night to filter into their minds.

Katie sat bolt upright in bed “oh shit, I am so dead, oh god, what am I going to do, oh bollocks, I have never defied him like this, oh shit shit shit”

Tanya looked at her in vague amusement “calm down chick, what can he do, the worse that can happen is that he will fire you”

Katie rubbed her head which was pounding, she knew she had to keep herself together until Tanya had gone so she gave a wry smile, “I suppose you are right” “of course I am, now show me the shower” Katie was very quiet as the two girls went into the bathroom, her feelings of guilt were overpowering and she kept visualising how angry George must be, just on the other side of the bedroom door.

Tanya teased Katie about being shy as she kept herself covered but as her bottom was bruised she kept the towel firmly round her. She hadn’t bargained for Tanya‘s unsquashable good humour as the hostess suddenly dived at her and pulled the towel away from her. Tanya gave a low whistle as she saw Katie’s bottom, and instantly gave her the towel back. Katie ignored Tanya’s quizzical look as she got dressed, waiting for her to make some comment.

“Is it consensual” Tanya’s question took Katie by surprise. “Of course it is, mostly its fun but…….” Katie didn’t finish the sentence. “It makes sense now, no wonder I couldn’t work out your relationship, I never thought of that. So what will he do to you?”
Katie shrugged “I will get punished, I know I deserve it but it doesn’t make it any easier”. Tanya remained silent until they were both dressed and looking more or less presentable.

“It’s not fair, if you get punished and I get off scot free” she said thoughtfully. Katie almost laughed “this isn’t playtime Tanya, just go while you can”. “I’m serious Katie, It was my fault, I should be punished as well” Katie shrugged again “have you ever been spanked” “never but how bad can it be, I’m going to tell him he has to spank me too”. It was too much for Katie and she burst out laughing, “oh that I've got to see “ The laugh died suddenly as the door opened and George stood framed in the doorway. “I’m so glad you find this all so funny” he snapped curtly “get in there and get some breakfast and lots of water”

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The business trip - Chapter Four

It was the second evening of the business trip and Katie and George were relaxing in their suite. Katie looked expectantly at her boss, hoping that he had got more treats in store for her. She had been exceptionally well behaved, as she wanted that evening to be pure pleasure with no punishment involved whatsoever. “Go on then Miss Hopeful, go and get showered and smooth for me, then come back here”. George watched in amusement as the girl jumped to her feet and ran out of the room.

He pottered round the suite laying out items as he listened to Katie’s untuneful singing in the bathroom. When he was satisfied that everything was in order he sat down to wait. Katie was keen to get started and came rushing out of the bedroom and sat down on the chair eagerly waiting her next instruction. Her face fell as she saw Georges face darken with displeasure

“What did I tell you last night about entering the room” he asked curtly. Katie looked blank before realisation hit and she dropped to her knees. “I’m sorry Sir, I forgot,” she said penitently hoping that he wasn’t going to leave her waiting as punishment. Her whole body was turned on at just the thought of an evening of pleasure and she would have been devastated if he had decided to watch the football. George stood up and walked round behind her, leaning down he said quietly in her ear, “Tonight you will address me as Master and you will NOT forget or I will make it very painful

Katie felt her stomach do its usual flip-flop, “yes Master” she whispered. “Good girl, now position two, kneel up and put your hands behind your back. Whatever I do to you, you will keep your hands out of the way, is that clear” Katie nodded fervently, “yes Master” she said, wondering what he had planned for this position. She soon found out as she felt a blindfold placed over her eyes. She whimpered slightly as it was secured. Next she felt him buckle cuffs round each wrist and ankle and then lastly a thick leather collar was secured round her neck.

“Stand up” Once she was standing, George took a length of rope and started to tie it securely round her breasts. This was new to Katie but she remained silent as she felt the rope squeezing her breasts, tighter and tighter. George murmured encouraging words to her as she became more uncomfortable which calmed her down and allowed the rope to be tightened fully.

“Back to position two”. George helped her back to the kneeling position. Standing in front of her, he gently stroked the engorged breasts, tweaking the nipples and rolling them in his fingers. Katie put her head back and moaned quietly with pleasure. The gentle movements gave way to a more intense squeeze and twist and soon Katie was struggling to keep her hands behind her back as the discomfort increased. George was ready for this and secured the two cuffs with a length of chain.

Taking the nipple clamps, he fastened them securely to Katie’s firm protruding nipples enjoying watching her squirm as the pain started to take hold. He waited till she was ready before attaching a heavy weight to the chain. Katie started to whimper out loud “please, that hurts, don’t do that please, I don’t like it”. George bent to her ear again “I don’t care what you want slave, you are mine to do with as I please and you have just earned yourself a caning on your breasts for forgetting “Master”

Katie choked back a sob, the pain in her nipples and breasts was unbearable and she could not imagine how much a caning would hurt. She fought to keep her whimpering under control as she heard George pouring himself a glass of water. He perched on the edge of the table and observed her. He leaned forward and pulled down harder on the chain. “N,no Master, please” she begged as she struggled to remain in position.

Removing the clamps and rope brought new pain to Katie as she knelt submissively trying to behave how a good sub should. George rubbed life back into her breasts bending down so he could suck on the tender nipples while squeezing and stroking. The relief brought Katie to the edge of orgasm as she adored having her nipples played with and she breathed deeply with pleasure.

The tap of the cane on her breasts took the pleasure away again and she returned instantly to begging “please Master, I am sorry I forgot, please don’t cane me”
“Crack” the first stroke took her breath and she squealed out loud. “Do you want a gag?” Georges voice was curt “another noise like that and I will use one so be warned” After the first stroke, George just relied on the build up of lots of little strokes and soon he had Katie begging him to stop. A final hard stroke had her in tears.

George undid her wrists “go and bend over the desk”. Katie felt her way slowly, hampered by the blindfold. Her breasts were tender and she was desperate to rub but she didn’t dare. She bent over the desk and pushed her bottom up ready for what was coming next. She smelt the ginger as George prepared it and she had to bite her lip to stop from whining. George smiled as he saw her tense her buttocks as he touched them. She wouldn’t be doing that when the ginger was in. Wetting his finger he prepared her arse and then pushed the ginger in.

This was the best bit of figging, the wait for the sub to start to feel the heat. There was always a pause and then the wriggles. Katie was soon imitating an eel as her bottom exploded into flames. George caught her hands as they started to reach back to remove the source of the pain. “So Katie wants to be caned does she” he asked as he fastened the cuffs behind her again. “No Master, please just take it out, it burns” “and if it does, are you allowed to remove it” “no Master” whimpered the girl as she was helped to a kneeling position over the bed.

George took his time and smoothed and stroked Katie’s upturned bottom, running his fingers over the marks from earlier in the trip. He knew the ginger would be making her feel aroused by now and pushed his fingers into her pussy. Not surprisingly it was hot and wet. The relaxing sensation in her pussy and on her clit as opposed to her burning arse made Katie gasp. She fucked hard back onto his fingers seeking them in her and touching her. George spanked her buttocks with his other hand and heard her moan with pleasure.

Katie’s pussy ached and she could hardly bear it when he took his hand away. The cold cane stroked her bottom and she clenched he cheeks in anticipation. The burn from the ginger forced them to relax and that moment George laid on the first stroke. Katie buried her face in the covers as stroke after stroke landed on her bottom. The caning was slow and steady, giving plenty of time for the sting to take effect between each stroke. By the time George threw the cane on the bed, Katie was completely unable to keep still as she tried to mount the bed to get away.

Removing the ginger and pulling the girl upright on her knees, he forced her round to face him. Katie leaned on his legs trying to get her breathing under control and trying to wriggle her self away from the sting in her bottom while feeling the material of his trousers on her face. She felt her hair pulled back and his cock nuzzling at her mouth. Obediently she opened it and took his hard penis deep into her mouth. She savoured the taste of the pre cum on the tip before her head was forced to take it deeper. “Open wide slave, take it all you little slut”

Katie could feel herself gagging as her head and mouth were forced to take all of the hard cock. George held her firmly by the hair as he fucked hard into her mouth enjoying the feel of her mouth around him. “Deeper slave” he ordered pinching her nose to make her open wider. Katie felt like she was going to pass out as her head was moved relentlessly up and down. She wanted to stop and breathe and recover her composure but she was being used and deep down she was enjoying every minute, her pussy becoming wet and excited again.

She could feel the tension building in George as he fucked faster. Katie struggled to keep her mouth open and then suddenly he pulled out and she felt his spunk spurt all over her face. She licked her lip to try and get as much of it as she could. George smoothed his hand on her cheek, giving her his fingers to lick. She took them greedily, wanting to taste his cum. She nuzzled at his groin to lick him clean. George looked down and smiled as his slave so desperately sought his spunk. “Good girl” he praised stroking her head.

Katie was relieved when George helped her up and removed the chain from her wrists. He led her to the bed and told her to kneel on the edge. “Position three my little slut,” he murmured. Katie’s knees were becoming sore but she obediently spread her legs and dipped her back. She gasped as she felt the brush land on her cane stripes but kept pushing her bottom up for more. Above all else she wanted her pussy playing with again as she was getting light headed from need but in the meantime the sting of the brush kept her moaning with desire.

George pushed the girl onto her stomach and put his hand between her legs pushing his fingers into her wide-open pussy. Katie whimpered and moaned in ecstasy as he pushed deeper with more and more fingers. Her cunt felt like it was being filled totally and her clit was pulled tight. Desperately she humped the bed trying to escape but then pushing back for more. “You may cum, as you have been a good girl”. George had most of his hand inside her when she came with an enormous tremble and wild hip thrusting.

Katie was helped to sit up; she clung to George, worn out by the events so far. He put his arm round her and gave her sips of water. She drank thirstily, not caring if he spilt it on her. “Time for a rest, I think” George positioned her on her back and she felt his hands pulling her legs apart. She could feel him attaching her feet and when she tried to move, realised that he had put a spreader bar in. He secured her wrists together on her front and made sure her blindfold was in place. She felt very peaceful and secure even though she was bound and blindfolded.

She tensed as she felt the nipple clamps put back onto her nipples. George then put
clamps onto her outer pussy lips, watching her squirm in terror as she thought they were going to be attached to the much more painful inner lips. “Make sure you keep behaving baby, or you know where they are going don’t you slave” Katie panted “yes Master, I will be good, I will do anything, please not there Master”. Lastly he produced a pump up dildo, which he inserted into her pussy. The girl moaned and gasped as it was pumped up, stretching her wide open.

Katie felt George move off the bed and strained her ears to work out where he was gone. The sound of the shower answered her unspoken question. She lay on the bed savouring the sensations. Her bottom was throbbing from the cane and the brush. Her breasts were tender with the relentless squeeze of the nipple clamps. Her pussy was stretched and she desperately wanted to fuck the dildo that was filling her so well and pulling her clit so tight.

When George returned, she was gently moving her hips to try and satisfy the ache in her pussy. Sitting next to her he removed all the clamps and the dildo. Katie nearly purred when his finger started massaging her clit with slow gentle rotational movements. “Ohh Master that is soo nice, Thank you” She felt his mouth on her nipple and his other hand on her breast and she sighed in pleasure as he skilfully brought her to orgasm after orgasm.

Katie lost count of how many times she came as her breasts, pussy and clit were alternately stroked, squeezed and spanked. The feeling of submission as she lay there helpless under his touch was amazing and she gave herself totally to the moment. It was a very satisfied slave who was turned over and ordered into position three again. More than anything, Katie wanted him to fuck her arse like he had the previous night and she pushed her bottom up to him, wriggling it provocatively.

George did not disappoint her. With the minimum of lubricant, he held her hips while he forced his way straight in. Katie exhaled “ooh Master, please fuck me, please fuck my arse Master”. The fucking was hard and Katie did not need any clit stimulation to relax, as she wanted his cock so much. She got it anyway as George liked her to really move her hips back to him as he drove his cock deep into her arse. Katie was in heaven as she felt him cum inside her as she came for the hundredth time that evening.

They lay together on the bed afterwards with katie snuggled up to him with his arm round her. She was so happy and contended she wished this moment could last for ever.