Thursday, 6 November 2008

Age play

Tabitha entered the house. It was very quiet and she cocked her head suspiciously. There should be sounds of Katie getting up and getting ready but instead there was silence. Frowning slightly she made her way up the stairs and gently pushed Katie's door open. Katie was fast asleep on the bed, her quilt pushed to one side and one leg of her pink pyjamas tucked up round her calf.

The look on Tabitha’s face was dark as she checked her watch. Katie was thirty minutes late getting up again. Daddy was not going to be pleased with his little girl, last time she had been told that she would be caned as well as spanked but seemingly it made no difference.

Tabitha picked up the heavy hairbrush and glided over to look down at the still sleeping girl. She raised her hand high and bought the brush down with a resounding wallop on the girl’s pyjamad bottom.

Katie woke with a resounding shriek as the pain in her bottom took her breath away.

“M,mummy” she quavered as her shocked brain took in the scene in milliseconds.

“You are a very naughty little girl Katie, you have been told about getting up late lots of times and you are still not getting the message. Daddy is going to very angry with you.”

Katie's eyes filled with tears “please don’t tell daddy, he will be so cross, please don’t tell him”

Tabitha smiled slightly “I won’t be telling him, you will. When he comes home from work, you will go to his study and you will tell him what you have done”

Katie whimpered, “Please mummy, can’t you just spank me and we not tell him, please”

“Well you are certainly going to get a spanking from me, but that is as well as the one you are going to get off your father, now get out of bed so we can get started”
Poor Katie crawled off the bed and stood with her eyes downcast in front of her mother. She knew she was in big trouble and she knew that her mummy could be very effective with the hair brush.

“Bend over my knee then little girl, let’s get on with this”

Very slowly, Katie bent over. It always felt strange as her mummy’s knee was not as big as daddy’s but with a hand in her back to keep her still, she felt just as vulnerable. Her pink pj’s were yanked down and she felt her mother’s cool hand stroking her bottom.

“It really is time you learnt to behave young lady”

The next thing Katie felt was the brush landing on her bottom. Tabitha was not starting gently, she meant for Katie to feel every spank. It was only moments before Katie was wriggling and squirming as the brush painted every inch of her bottom. As it started to land on her sit spot and then further down her thighs, Katie burst into tears as she tried like mad to crawl off.

“Keep still little girl, I will not have you disrespecting me by moving like that”

Katie tried to lie still as the brush spanked each thigh a dozen times before heading back to the crease of her bottom and then to the fleshy mounds again. Her sobs were loud as mummy decided that another set of twelve in each place would be a fitting reminder for lazy girls who disobeyed their parents.

Tabitha stood the girl on her feet and pointed to the corner

“Thirty minutes in the corner young lady and then we will finish off the spanking”

Katie sobbed as she hastened to obey, her legs getting tangled in her pyjamas as she moved. Mummy stood behind her and positioned her legs wide apart and the girl’s hands on her head with her trousers at half mast. The crimson of her bottom and thighs showed up well against the pastel.

After about twenty minutes, Katie's arms were aching and she really needed a pee. She tried to glance round to see where mummy was as she couldn’t hear her.

“Yes Katie, what is it”

The voice made Katie jump. “Please may I go to the toilet mummy” she asked in a small voice.

There was no reply but Katie could hear sounds behind her. She really needed to go and standing with her legs open wasn’t helping.

“Turn round Katie”

Katie did so and felt the blood rush to her face. Positioned on the floor just in front of her was a blue potty. She looked at mummy in horror.

Tabitha raised her eyebrows “well come on then Katie, get on with it”

Katie stood still, there was no way she was using a potty at her age. She pressed back against the wall and felt the coldness on her throbbing behind. The fight went out of her. There was no arguing when all roads led to a painful bottom. She knelt down and positioned herself over the potty. Her face was crimson and she stared resolutely at the floor as she heard the pee landing in the plastic.

Mummy handed her a tissue so she could wipe herself before taking the potty away while Katie turned back to her corner.

All too soon for Katie's bottom and her pride, she was called to stand back in front of mummy again. This time mummy was sitting on a chair and not on the edge of the bed.

Katie was stood with her side to Tabitha. She felt mummy take hold of her waist. “Hands on your head Katie and don’t you dare move them”

The brush landed with a thud on the front of Katie's thigh and she screeched loudly and moved her hands down to protect herself.

“Get them back now” snapped Tabitha.

Twelve times the brush landed, six on each tender thigh. Katie was doing a dance as she tried to keep still and to keep her hands out of the way.

Katie was turned a quarter turn and then the brush spanked hard on her outer thigh six times before she was flipped round again for six on the other outer thigh.

Tabitha pointed to the bed. “Sit on the edge and spread your legs wide apart”.

Katie didn’t think she could take any more as she eased her burning bottom onto the mattress. The pain as the brush landed on the insides of her thighs caused her to shut her legs and squeeze her hands inside to try and deaden the pain.

“Stop being a baby Katie and get those hands on your head and your legs open”

It took a while but eventually all aspects of Katie's thighs were bright red and throbbing. Tabitha took the girls hands, “six on each palm for not doing as you were told”

Katie tried to pull her hands away but her mummy held on tight as the brush turned Katie's palms as red as her legs and bottom.

“Now, get ready and I want you downstairs in five minutes or I will be back up here and we will see how you like the brush on your calf’s”

Katie had never got ready so fast. She didn’t even stop to look at her bottom in the mirror. All she could think about was the throbbing that was like a painful pair of shorts and the knowledge that this was going to a dream compared to what daddy was going to give her tonight.

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