Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A true story

Will I ever learn??

Katie surveyed her bedroom. It looked very bare with only the minimum of furnishings left. Laid out on the dressing table was a fearsome array of spanking implements. Katie checked them for the umpteenth time, to make sure they were clean and polished. Hanging on the wall were the even more scary implements, the canes, crops and straps. Moving over to the bed, she checked that the securing points were ready and that there were plenty of pillows. Her heart was thudding fast as she checked the covered tray, the freshly prepared ginger root was soaking in iced water next to a bar of soap and a dispenser bottle of liquid soap. He couldn’t really be serious about using these, she thought desperately. She had read about them in stories and she knew for sure that she did not want to experience them first hand. Closing her mind to the thought she checked herself in the mirror. She had on a pair of white cotton pants and a pale lilac vest top that just covered her breasts. Turning round, she pulled her pants down to look at her pale bottom in the mirror. She rubbed it gently, knowing that next time she saw it, it would look very different. Sighing to herself she went downstairs to await his arrival.

As the minutes passed, her tension increased, she ran over in her mind his instructions for this meeting. She was dressed as he had ordered; the implements were prepared, as was the bed. The soap and ginger were ready and she had a freshly shaved pussy. She was determined to behave as well as she could to show him she was repentant for her behaviour. She would not speak unless spoken to, she would not whine and she would obey without hesitation. Most importantly she would not anger him further by persistently forgetting to say Sir. Katie could not understand how she could make the same mistake over and over and over again. The sound of his car in the driveway brought her abruptly back to the present and her stomach started to churn as she heard the car door slam.

She stood nervously in the hall, imagining him striding up the path, her heart skipped as he opened the door and entered the room. When in his presence, Katie could never imagine how an earth she had got herself into the predicaments that she did as she never had the slightest urge to disobey him when he was stood next to her. “Go into the front room and stand in the corner, hands on head” George did not bother with pleasantries, he was annoyed that they were here for the same reason a third time. This punishment was going to remain in Katie’s memory for a long, long time.

Katie hurried into the room and stood as ordered; she heard him come up behind her and felt him pull her pants up tight into her arse and her pussy. She gasped as she felt like she was being split into two. When George was satisfied with the position he left her without speaking. Katie heard him go into the kitchen and put the kettle on, she hoped everything was clean enough for him as she didn’t want to be taken to task for her lack of housekeeping skills as well. George placed his drink on the coffee table and after surveying Katie’s back for a moment went upstairs. He looked round the room approvingly as he picked up a few of the items laid out for his use.

Re entering the front room, he laid the items on the coffee table next to a sheet of paper that lay there waiting. “Come here Katie” he said quietly. Katie came and stood where he pointed, her insides shaking as she looked at him sitting there so calmly on the couch. Her mind flashed back to their first meeting and how considerate he had been in reintroducing her to spanking. Two strokes he had given her with his belt, two, and my god, now I am facing 54 with a cane. “KATIE” George said loudly for the second time. Katie jumped like a startled rabbit, realising that she had not been paying attention. “Yes sir “she stammered. “You will read me the letter you have prepared”

Katie knew it was coming, she had had to do this before but it never got any easier. With a shaking hand she picked up the sheet of paper and looked hatefully down at it. Why did she have to do this she thought rebelliously, he knew she hated it, what would do if she screwed it up and threw it at him? Even as these thoughts flitted across her mind, she knew that it was useless to argue. Reluctantly she began to read in a low voice. The words were barley audible and there were lots of pauses but Katie knew the consequences of not reading it so she forced herself to continue to the end. When she was finished George held his hand out for the paper and read it through himself while Katie stood nervously trying not to look at the items on the table.

George folded the paper and put it into his pocket, standing up he came and stood just behind Katie. “so young lady, you have surpassed your self this time haven’t you , twice I have punished you for being disobedient, and each time your behaviour improves for about as long as you can still feel your bottom. You need to learn that I expect obedience from you at ALL times, not just when your bottom is sore, or when I am with you, or when I speak to you on the phone. ALL times, do you understand that Katie??? Katie nodded fervently, “yes Sir” she assured him. “So if you understand, how come we are having this conversation,” Katie wished he would come round into her field of vision as she found it very disconcerting having him stood behind her. “I don’t know Sir” she muttered. “YOU DON’T KNOW” George didn’t shout but pronounced each word separately. “I, I, I mean” Katie could not believe she had said one of the frowned upon phrases so early in the proceedings. “well, what do you mean, do you mean that you will do as your told when it pleases you, that you will do as your told so long as I keep nagging you, that you will please your self and hope you don’t get caught, well Katie tell me.” Katie tried to turn round to see him so she could explain but a sharp smack on the side of the thigh and a snapped “face the front” stopped her.

Tears pricked her eyes as she stood there, not knowing what to say “do you not want to be submissive, do you just want to play games, is that the problem??” “no Sir” she whispered “perhaps, I am wasting my time here, maybe I should leave you unpunished as it doesn’t seem to do any good whatsoever” Despite her determination not to cry, this was too much and she felt the tears starting “please sir, I do want to do as you say, I really do, its just hard sometimes” she begged rubbing the tears away with her hand. George turned her round and held her chin so she had to look up at him. She tried to pull away, not wanting him to see her crying. “Look at me Katie, it is not hard, and I don’t ask a lot of you, just that you follow the simple rules that have been set for YOUR benefit. You asked for my help and I am going to help you, but you MUST do what I say and not go doing whatever pleases you in the hope that I don’t find out, do you understand?” Katie avoided eye contact, she hated him seeing her like this “yes Sir” she managed to whisper.

George released her face and went and sat down on the settee from where he surveyed the unhappy woman in front of him. “Come and kneel here” he gestured to the floor between his legs. Katie knelt before him, her eyes still red and still on the verge of a full blown crying fit. “Do you like kneeling there” he asked. Katie looked up at him “yes Sir “. “Good, why do you like it?” Katie just stopped herself in time from shrugging and saying I don’t know. She tried to explain, “I like being here, I like looking up at you, I like being able to put my arms round you and lean on your chest, I like putting your cock in my mouth and giving you pleasure, I like being subservient to you” George nodded approvingly, “so if you like all that, it should not be hard to respect me by telling me the truth and obeying me then should it” “no sir” said Katie softly her eyes fixed on his belt, as she desperately fought the tears that still threatened. George pulled her close and put his arms round her so she was leaning on him “now you know why I am going to punish you, it is going to be a hard punishment with a severe caning and afterwards, I do not expect to ever have this conversation again, is that clear” Katie nodded into his chest “yes Sir”

George waited for a moment before telling Katie to bend over his knee. She obeyed without hesitation, glad that the lecture was over. She buried her head into the settee as she felt him pull her pants tight again. His hand was on her bottom but he seemed in no hurry to start. “Ask me to punish you Katie” he ordered. Katie looked back at him in desperation; he couldn’t be serious “ask me Katie”. “Please punish me Sir” whispered Katie after a very long pause. “How do you want me to punish you”? Katie took a deep breath “please punish me hard Sir”. George stroked the bottom presented to him some more “what do you need punishing for Katie?” For Gods sake thought Katie, just get on with it but she managed to say “please punish me hard Sir for disobeying you and lying to you”. George smiled “very well babe, I will gladly do that for you”

SMACK, the first of many hard smacks landed on Katie’s bottom as George commenced the punishment with his hand. They were not gentle warm up smacks and in no time at all Katie was feeling the effects. She kept her head into the cushions and tried to keep her behind still. She leaned on her hands as she felt her bottom getting warmer and warmer. George didn’t speak and the spanking seemed to go on for ever till despite her best efforts Katie was starting to shift her bottom as much as she could to try and escape the smacks that assaulted it. The wriggles became more urgent as George extended the spanking right down first one thigh and then the other. Katie hated having her thighs spanked but there was not a lot she could do about it. After what seemed like a life time the spanking stopped and Katie lay panting over his knee. George leaned forward and picked up the paddle shaped hairbrush. He showed it to Katie. “Twelve slow spanks with this next”. Katie nodded miserably and then yelled out loud as it came whistling down onto her right buttock. “Did you forget something Katie?” “Ow, yes Sir, I’m sorry sir”. George pulled down her pants, not that they had been offering much protection anyway as he said “you have plenty of punishment coming your way young lady without begging me for me”

One by one the twelve spanks landed on Katie’s ample bottom. George took his time to make sure that every inch was covered, plenty of time for concentrating on certain spots later. Again it was the thighs that drew the most response from the girl laid over his knee but she was able to keep her hands out of the way as she moved her bottom as much as was possible to avoid the sting.. Katie turned her head to see what he would pick up next. Her heart sank when she saw it was the clothes brush. “One minute Katie” George waited for the second hand on his watch to reach 12 before starting. Katie managed to keep still for about thirty seconds before her wriggling resulted in her putting her hands back to try and protect her bottom. George stopped abruptly. Without speaking he moved Katie further onto his knee so he could grip her legs with one of his. “give me your hand now” he ordered.

Very slowly Katie held it out and gasped as he took it and held it tightly. “Don’t even think of protecting your bottom young lady, I have barely started yet and that minute will now start again” Katie tried to move to escape “noooo” she moaned. “Well well” George sounded surprised “you are determined to beg for more punishment aren’t you, well I would hate to disappoint you babe, let’s make it two minutes” Katie stayed silent not wishing to incur any more penalties “I suggest you say thank you Sir, before I make it three minutes” George growled menacingly. “thank you Sir” muttered Katie as the second hand once again reached the top.

The two minutes went on and an, Katie thought it would never end as she bucked and writhed and moaned. George kept her in place with little effort and smiled to himself, she may not realise it but he was by no means letting her have the full works. Her bottom had got a lot more to come and he wanted to ensure that it was a long and lasting punishment. When the two minutes were up Katie lay still, breathing hard wishing she hadn’t made so much fuss but she hated the way the brush stung her bottom so much. She tried to remember what else was on the table, oh god she thought, the mahogany paddle.

George exchanged the clothes brush for the beautifully polished mahogany paddle. He kneaded Katie’s bottom with one hand as he admired the shiny gleam of the wood. “I thought you were going to get this engraved” he said breaking through Katie’s ouches that the kneading action always produced. “I haven’t had chance Sir” “Mmmm” mused George “well I want to see it engraved next time I use it, so you had better find time hadn’t you?” “Yes Sir, I will Sir” agreed Katie. “So how many would you like with this then Katie?” The girl took a deep breath, another thing she hated, God he was doing it all today. “Twelve please Sir “she offered. To her surprise, he simply said “very well”

Katie screwed her eyes up as she felt him grip her hand tighter and pin her down more thoroughly. SMACK, the pain radiated through Katie’s bottom and she struggled to free her hand, SMACK, “please Sir, no more Sir” she begged desperately wriggling. “KEEP STILL, you asked for twelve and you will get twelve”. George took his time, again making sure that all areas were covered. Katie was completely unable to keep still and the noise level was increasing. Abruptly the spanking ended and she was set back onto her feet, her knickers round her ankles. “Go and stand in the corner”.

George drank his nearly cold cup of tea as he watched her in the corner. He remembered the first time he had put her there; she had looked over her shoulder at him with “attitude”. A quick session with the trusty clothes brush had altered her attitude and she had always gone obediently to stand and kneel where ordered. A frown crossed his face; she was going to seriously regret her disobedience in other areas when he was through with her today.

“Go into the dining room, remove your top, bend over the table and wait for me. You may leave your knickers there, go on quickly” Katie nearly ran into the other room. She saw that the chairs had been moved so she could lean across the table. Lying at one end were the six canes. Trying to remain calm she put her top neatly on a chair and bent over to await George. She turned her head so she didn’t have to look at the dreaded canes that she had carefully prepared for him to use on her bottom. She heard him come in and pick up a cane. “remind me, why do you have six canes Katie” “cause I cocked up on eBay Sir and bid a lot for the second set of three Sir” George put one cane down and picked up another “and how much was a lot?” Katie sighed to herself “fifteen thousand pounds Sir”. “And why did you cock up on eBay, its not the first time you have bought something is it?” “no sir, I was tired and it was late and” Katie’s voice trailed off “and you were on the computer after your bedtime and you had been on the computer for more than two hours, am I right” “yes Sir” murmured Katie forlornly.

“Oh dear” George shook his head sorrowfully “more canes for me to use on your bottom as a result of your disobedience, a nice irony there I think. Now I told you I was going to give you 54 strokes of the cane and I am going to do that later. But first I am going to give you one stroke with each one to see how they respond to you and of course how you respond to them” George picked up the nursery cane, feeling how thin and swishy it was. “Turn your head and look at the rest of them waiting to be used, and look at the computer, the cause of so much of your disobedience”

Katie did as she was told, gripping the table tightly. The cane swished through the air and landed on her burning red bottom. “Owwww “she moaned and her legs started wriggling. George pushed her back firmly down to the table “push your bottom out girl and stop moaning, that was the nursery cane” Next he picked up a junior cane. He examined it, it seemed very short but he was ready to try anything. The reaction from Katie as it landed just below the previous stripe convinced him that despite its short length it was very effective. The advantage of testing the canes between each stroke meant that the pain had plenty of time to build to a crescendo before the next stroke landed. “Another Junior one, Katie, make sure that bottom is well pushed out” Breathing hard Katie did as she was told “owww” she moaned again as the cane swished on to her throbbing behind. A sudden thought hit her, were these six included in the fifty four. Oh god she groaned, there was no way she would be able to mange fifty four strokes.

She became aware that George was tapping her bottom with the fourth cane, “are you paying attention Katie, or do I need to be more insistent” “no Sir, I’m sorry Sir” This cane was less of a swish and more of a thud as it landed and Katie’s feet started to dance around. “That was a senior cane and so is this” George took the short straight handled cane and delivered the next stroke very fast. Katie scrambled to stand up to ease the fire in her bum but Georges hand on her back prevented her from moving. “keep still, I can see I am going to have to secure you for at least some of your caning, now get that bottom right out, no right out, that’s better” Katie watched as he picked up the dragon cane. Apart from its colour, it didn’t look all that more fearsome than the others but she had heard tales of how it really hurt. She tensed as it touched her bottom to see where to aim for. SWISH, it landed and there was a stunned silence and then the pain hit. Katie tried even harder to get up as she tried to get away from the searing pain. “KEEP STILL” rapped George. Katie lay still, looking at the canes trying to calm her breathing. “That’s better, now go upstairs and wait for me in the corner of the bedroom, and do not touch your bottom”

Katie stood naked in the bedroom with her hands on her head facing the wall; she seemed to have been there for hours. She wriggled her legs and bottom trying to make the sting go away. As she heard him coming up the stairs though she remained perfectly still. He had made it quite clear so far that he was not in a mood to be trifled with. “Come over here” Katie stood in front of him looking at the floor. She felt his hands on her breasts, gently stroking them, making her large nipples erect. Suddenly he squeezed both nipples hard and pulled them upwards. Katie danced on her tip toes trying to ease the pain, not daring to try and get his hands off her. Eventually he released them, she heard the clink of the chain on the nipple clamps so she was not surprised when they were firmly attached to each nipple. As usual, the pain made her dizzy but also incredibly aroused, she stood submissively as his hands wandered down to between her legs “you are soaking wet babe” he announced as his fingers explored her naked pussy. She squirmed at his touch, the pain and humiliation fighting with the incredible feelings that he was arousing.

“Lie on the bed, on your back” Katie sat down gingerly and adjusted her position. George took each arm and leg in turn, securing them tightly to the corners of the bed until Katie was completely unable to move. He checked that the nipple clamps were securely in place, giving them an extra squeeze just to be sure. Katie followed him with her eyes as he went to the wall where the implement were hung. She noticed that he had re hung the canes. George turned to look at Katie, lying so submissively waiting for him before taking down one of the riding crops. He heard a sharp intake of breath and saw the worry in her face as she tried to melt down into the bed. Standing over her he gently stroked her body with the crop, watching as she tensed each time it came near her.

“So Katie, why are you being punished” he asked quietly. Katie never took her gaze away from the crop, “for being disobedient Sir, and for doing what I wanted to do, not what you wanted me to do” “very good, have you learnt anything yet” Katie nodded emphatically “yes sir, please d’” George shook his head “shush, don’t ask questions or beg, speak only when spoken to remember” Katie lapsed into silence. George reached down and removed the nipple clamps, leaving Katie with the after effects that only really went away with rubbing. He sat on the bed between her legs and she felt him examining every inch of her swollen, aroused pussy. She moaned as she felt him squeeze her inner lips and then the pain started in earnest as he fastened the clamps in place. Bonds or not, Katie made every effort to move, her pussy was so painful, She begged him to take them off as she writhed round the bed. For answer she got a sharp slap on the inside of her thigh “keep still girl and feel the pain, don’t fight it”

Katie tried desperately to obey, taking deep calming breaths, she was only barely aware that George was once again standing over her. The flick of the crop on her breast made her yell out. Relentlessly the crop flicked, first on one tender breast and then on the other. Katie squirmed and fought but the punishment did not stop. At times when the crop caught her nipple’s already tender from the clamps she shrieked especially loudly. Only when each breast was nice and red did he put down the crop. Bending over he sucked hard on each nipple, squeezing the other one tight as he did so. Katie raised her body to his mouth, feeling the juices flowing from her incredibly painful pussy as he teased each nipple in turn.

George came back to her feet leaving her desperate to cum, He tucked at the chain on the clamps, seeing her moan as he did so. Deftly he removed the clamps and put them back on her nipples. “Don’t move “he commanded as she started her wriggling “do you want the cane on your breasts” he asked sternly “no sir” she moaned as she lay motionless. Suddenly without warning he started spanking her pussy, hard with his hand. All thoughts of stillness evaporated as her pussy got redder and redder. There was very little room to move, but Katie made use of every millimetre as she tried to avoid the heavy hand that relentlessly spanked and spanked.

All at once it stopped and Katie had chance to draw breath. George took down the short tawse from the wall and ran it through his fingers. “Are you going to lie to me again Katie” he asked as he tapped gently on her ravished pussy with the leather. “No sir” she whispered as she braced herself for the next part of the punishment. George did not say how many she was to receive and each stroke had her again begging for mercy. “Please Sir, no more, I will never lie again sir, “. As her pussy became more and more red, George started covering the inside of her thighs with the tawse till Katie was sobbing with pain” no Sir, please, I will be good Sir, please Sir” George ignored her passionate pleas as he made sure that every part of her pussy and thighs were red and sore. Only when he was sure that he had covered everywhere did he release her from he bonds.

“On your feet, hands on head” he ordered sharply as Katie struggled to stand up straight. Her hands went down to her pussy to try and ease the pain that engulfed it. “Get your hands on your head NOW” Katie made a small whining sound as she did as she was told “and you can stop that whining before you start”. Katie stood miserably in front of him, hands on head, nipple clamps still pinching her nipples. She wasn’t sure which bit hurt more but she was desperately relieved when the clamps were removed. “Now then Katie, tell me about when you lied to me”

Katie mustered all her thoughts “I was on the computer past my cut off time and you asked me and I lied about it.” she muttered. “and” prompted George still with the tawse in his hands “and I lied about being in bed, and I lied about how long I had been on the computer for” George nodded “and that was three sentences without Sir,” Katie gasped out loud, “oh god I am sorry sir, please sir I am really sorry” she babbled incoherently. The babbling became even more hysterical as George put down the tawse and approached her with the dispenser of soap in his hand. She backed away from him till her sore spanked bottom hit the wall as she tried to get away from him. “Stand still or I am going to take my belt to your behind” he rapped. ” maybe some soap will remind that mouth of yours to be respectful”

He put some soap onto his finger and taking her hair in his other hand forced her to look up at him. “This is not a game, you can not pick and choose what you will and will not do. You are mine and you will do as you are told, now open your mouth” Katie was crying now, she had never been so scared in her entire life, spanking she could handle but this was something different. “I am waiting Katie, do you want to be submissive on your terms or on mine” There was a struggle in Katie’s mind, how much did she want this, how important was it to her, in her heart she knew the answer and very slowly she opened her mouth. George rubbed the soap onto her tongue making sure that the tiny amount covered as much as possible.

“stand still and you can spend the next three minutes thinking about that little word Sir and if we have to repeat this exercise, it will be two minutes for each time you forget” Katie closed her eyes and surveyed her misery in her mind. She had a foul taste in her mouth, her arms were aching keeping her hands on her head, her breasts were throbbing as were her nipples and her pussy and bottom still had a dull ache

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